Compatible Toner Specialists

Interested in saving money on your printing?
A good way to do this is to use compatible toners.
Here are some great reasons to go with compatible:

Buying compatibles eliminates the problems that refilling presents. Refilling a toner is just that, you're only refilling the toner particiles. The average toner cartridge is much more than simply housing for toner, they have their own independant systems and properties. Items like plastic gears or blades that wear out over time do not get replaced with refills. Toner cartridges are designed to be used once and then recycled, prolonged usage of a worn cartridge can damage your printers or cause explosions of the toxic toner particles.

Compatible Toners come with a longer warranty than their name brand counterparts, often including next day replacement.

Besides saving yourself a ton of money you are also reducing your environmental footprint. Most toners have 1-3 liters of oil used to produce.

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